New Sweden, Minnesota

New Sweden, Minnesota

Nicollet County

Pentax 67 - Fuji Velvia RVP 50

There it was, the light I’d been searching for all evening, and I just drove right past it. I had been driving for hours on gravel farm roads southwest of Minneapolis - west, then north, then west again, zigzagging my way through the Minnesota countryside without a destination, and getting futher and further from home on roads I’d never seen on maps.

Most of the scenes I photograph are places you wouldn’t notice if you live there because they are seen every day. And unless you live there, you really wouldn’t have much reason to be out there anyway. This road is not on the way to anywhere, and there really isn’t much out here except for the scenery, and who has time for that?

This is New Sweden, Minnesota. Population 326. There are farms, farm houses, and churches. And on this day in May, beautiful light…